“She's a parasite I can't seem to get rid of. Like a bad case of financial diarrhea.”  -Dee Burks, Liar's Fire

These are just some of the ways an ex-wife can wreak havoc in your life:

      • spread rumors
      • malign your character
      • chronically disrupt child visitation orders
      • brainwash your children
      • try to sabotage your new relationship
      • keep you in court to cause stress
      • refuse to find work
      • squeeze you financially dry

    Mostly, it isn't worth it to argue back or retaliate in court. It is simply already emotionally and physically draining enough dealing with a psycho ex-wife.

    Here, you can share your stories and find comfort in the number of ex-husbands (and new wives) who are dealing with the same, horrible issues.